spookyHalloween is the one holiday that I always look forward to.  No family committments, no gift guilt…just a fun day full of candy and dress-up.  Since I think about Halloween year-round, I’m using this blog to keep my mind (and my closets full of bargain merchandise bought the day-after) organized.  Hopefully you can gain some ideas from my years of Halloween party-throwing, and maybe you can even help me add some new blood to my parties.  (I had to insert a cheesy Halloween pun in here before long, right?)


Here’s the time when I start to fret.  You know, I haven’t given out invitations to everyone…I’ve barely started decorating…Husband still doesn’t have a costume…Lots of people can’t make it this year due to their kids…What if no one comes???What if too many people come??? 

This is why I take the day off before a party to have a private panic attack and then get things started.  Can’t wait.


Thinking of making these this year, since most of my treats are more savory than sweet…  It’s kind of a new version of snacksmonster fingers: pretzel rods, dipped in chocolate with an almond for a fingernail; it sounds easy enough.  I’m also digging the way they are displaying the pretzels with the shirt cuff.



You know you are obsessing a bit too much when you start thinking about Halloween table settings, but here are a couple of really cool ones.  To make them even better, though, they need some scarier objects…maybe spiders or brains in jars.  Plus, who has a Halloween party with bright lights?  I love the black and white, though.tableset



I just got a load of pumpkins from the farmer’s market.  I love pumpkins, but I hate carving them (the knife, the guts, the poor results…).  So, here are a few ideas that involve decorating without a knife:pumpkinhalloween-porch-pumpkins


This is how the invitations finally turned out this year.  Spooky house picture printed on cardstock with the invitation details printed on vellum, and the song list printed on back of the house picture.  Husband made the song mix (below) and we topped off the CDs with some Martha Halloween stickers and tied a ribbon around each package.  I really liked the outcome, and it seemed like others did too.invite

Song List:

1. Evil Plans of Planet Spectra – Man or Astro-Man?

2. Six More Miles (to the Graveyard) – The Residents

3. Creep in the Cellar – Butthole Surfers

4. Green Hell – Misfits

5. The Monster Hop – Bert Convy

6. The Voodoo Curse – Scientist

7. I Drink Blood – Rocket from the Crypt

8. Robot Parade – They Might be Giants

9. Hollow Hills – Bauhaus

10. Evil  – 45 Grave

11. Movement of Fear – Tones on Tail

12. I’m a Vampire – Future Bible Heroes

13. Deep in the Woods – The Birthday Party

14. Robot Lover – Jack Oblivion

15. Witch – Goblin

16. Nightmare on My Street – Kids Rap’n Halloween Hits

17. Egyptian Assassin – Men’s Recovery Project

18. Shivers Down My Spine – King Khan and the Shrines

19. The Devil’s Chasing Me – Reverend Horton Heat

20. William S. Burroughs Recites Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Mask of the Red Death”




Seriously, how fun would a Halloween wedding be?  Guests could dress up in costumes, the music and decorations would be easy… 


A friend of mine is throwing a craft night in honor of our favorite holiday.  Here are a couple of projects I plan to bring along to work on:

wreatheyesI have a black wreath already (it’s like fake xmas tree material), so I just need some styrophoam balls and googly eyes to make this idea from Good Housekeeping.  Planning on hanging this on the front door.









And this idea from Country Living is super easy…just make a color copy of a photo and cut out the eyes.  Insert red xmas lights to demonize the pictures.  Awesome!


wantedI want these Martha Stewart posters, but can’t find them anywhere.  I guess I’ll add them to the list of things to make before next week.


After the last party, some *ahem* caution needs to be taken with my furniture.  That’s why this idea from Country Living is so great…scary and functional!



olivesI know, I need to stop on the punny post titles, but it’s harder than you think. 

I made these olive, caper, and rosemary spiders (from an old Good Housekeeping magazine) a couple of years ago and placed them around the meat head.  I’m thinking that they look more like roaches, which is scarier anyway.