The Big Idea

craftwitchI’m reminding myself to write things about Halloween here, not on various scraps of papers or on random sheets inside notebooks. Best to keep it all in one place.

So, the big idea is about decorating. We need to haunt the house this year. I’m not into buying anymore decorations, as I always just seem to buy the same things over and over. Instead, I want to focus on decorating the areas that people congregate, rather than just my living room and front walkway. Here’s my plan…let’s see if I get it together and accomplish it!

Front Yard/Porch:

  • Pumpkins out front (lots of them), carved and glowing.
  • Bats hanging from porch ceiling.
  • Scarecrow in front circle with pumpkins.
  • Red rope light in sidewalk cracks.
  • That stupid spiderweb stuff strung across porch.

Back Yard/Patio:

  • Gravestones in back, illuminated better than usual.
  • Lights strung in back.
  • Fog machine in back.
  • Music in back.
  • More chairs and tables in back.
  • Fire pit in back (could have some marshmallows on hand!).


  • Living room decorated with bat and bird cutouts.
  • Food spread on dining room table (somehow guarded from dogs).
  • Table decorated with bust from library (?), eyeball balloon, shrunken apple head bouquet.
  • Black and red lights in the living room.
  • Use the cheesecloth/gauze around table, curtains.
  • Spider webs in the red room.
  • Black light in the red room.
  • No real decorations in kitchen.
  • Keep witches’ brew in kitchen.

I think this will please the crowd. I’ve got work to do!


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