Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

costumesShould you tell people what you are going to be for Halloween?  If you don’t, you build up some suspense, but this could be to your favor or detriment, depending on your execution.  If you do, you lose the element of surprise for the party night.  I usually don’t tell, but I found myself blabbing over the weekend about my outfit, while others cleverly stayed quiet.  So now I have extra pressure to pull off the outfit…I think I can do it. 

While I’m thinking about my costume (fortune teller, keep up, yo), I should write this idea down:  I am only going to be traditional Halloween characters from now on.  The witch, ghost, devil, pirate route.  I’ll throw in my own twists, but keep it simple still.  This gives me focus and an easy way out when I don’t plan far enough in advance, or when I don’t want to drop a ton of money on some trendy costume.


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