To Do!


I make lists for everything these days. This one is the TO DO before the party.

This weekend:

  • hand out final invitations
  • mow the back yard – MONDAY
  • trim the front yard – MONDAY
  • clean Toby’s studio – ONGOING
  • make more scary music mixes
  • get the decorations out of the garage
  • obtain more chairs (????) – IKEA? – TUESDAY

Next week:

  • get out costume supplies and see what else we need
  • thrift store for additional supplies
  • get out Halloween plates and party-ware – MONDAY
  • buy spiderweb stuff – TUESDAY
  • get out lightbulbs, buy more if needed – MONDAY
  • buy spooky food ingredients
  • make any food ahead of time (like monster toes, tortilla chips) – FRIDAY
  • make ice hands – MONDAY
  • go to Spec’s for alcohol – TOBY AFTER WORK


  • clean the house
  • decorate back and front yard
  • decorate house
  • make food
  • carve pumpkins
  • relax by Saturday afternoon – HA!

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