2009 Invitations

Initially I wanted to make the skull paper mache heads and fill them with treats and inviation details, but after many years of craft-stress, my husband vetoed the idea.  Instead, he offered to pitch in on the project if we made Halloween CD invitations.  He’ll take care of the music mix, I’ll do the covers.  Fair enough, but it’s left me a little unfulfilled until today.  Today I think I finally nailed it!  Here’s what I’m doing:

I took inspiration from the Benjamin Moore paint ads (see here: http://feedingkat.typepad.com/.a/6a01127917a2cc28a401157073b37e970b-800wi) with the creative fonts.  I found a bunch of awesome Halloween fonts to make mine.  I also used some vintage border art.  I will print this out on vellum.

moody houseThen, I took a picture of our house–a really moody, cloudy picture.  I added bats flying out for the haunted house party effect.  I plan to print this on cardstock, with the vellum making the image extra spooky.  On the back side of the house pic, we’ll have the playlist in some scary Halloween fonts.

Finally, I bought some Martha Stewart Halloween stickers to put on the CDs themselves so everyone is sure what’s on the disk.  I think I’ll tie it all up with a ribbon for presentation. 

Now to get this all together and hope it works as well as planned!!


One Response to “2009 Invitations”

  1. This is so cool! I can’t wait to see it!

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