10th and Final???

The funniest thing happened the other day: people were actually surprised that I’m planning another Halloween party. 

Our parties have been getting a reputation in the last year of being a little out of control (the culmination being my husband’s birthday party that ended in the ER).  And that’s why I’ve been spreading the word that 2009 will be the last Halloween party as we know it.  This is the tenth anniversary of our parties, so it’s probably time to pass the torch to someone younger and someone who rents.  It’s not that I don’t love throwing a party, but I don’t love the stress and the huge cleanup, and the potential damage that exists every time you open your doors to 50+ costumed friends and occasional strangers.

But, even as I am writing that this could be the last party, it makes me a little sad.  Halloween is my thing…what will I do with all the decorations?  What will I do on Halloween??  Is it possible to have a small Halloween party?  Is it even fun??

While I mull over whether or not this one will be the last, I have to remember that someone warned me that advertising the party as the final one will make everyone go especially crazy, which is not how I want this to all end out…


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